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Trans*fer A Journey

Exploring All Things Trans*

As the Trans* community heads into the mainstream, more people are finally able to live how they wish, and that is an important step.

The next step is to make sure; that we, whilst caring for our employees and the organisations we represent, provide workplaces fit for the future and that provide an environment that is fully inclusive.

Since before Shakespeare (as far back as the Greeks globally), men would often appear in female roles on the stage and vice versa. Other cultures held Trans* people as a spiritual gift; these and other aspects make up the Trans*/intersex communities.

The facets of the Queer Community are myriad, just as gay, lesbian and bisexual people (now an amalgamated element of the social and cultural landscape in the UK) navigated a social “coming out” process, so too are Trans* people, in all their variety. An important step, and one that will impact upon us all.

So come join us as we consider:

How has the Trans* experience influenced us culturally, historically and socially?

From historical influences to pronoun use Trans*fer – A Journey covers a multitude of topics.

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