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A Winning Mindset

Leading in EDI Starts With You

By nature, humans discriminate all the time, it is simply what we do. We form groups, even gangs and include or exclude on a whim. This is not necessarily problematic in a general societal setting and is quite possibly important for personal sanity and wellbeing.

When it comes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, leadership is everything. If you as an individual are to become an exemplary leader in whichever arena you choose to engage in, then leading yourself becomes the most important starting point. 

A Winning Mindset, the first of the seminars you will attend examines the phenomenon of “Self Leadership”.  The seminar recognises that good leadership is born of conflict, with ourselves, with a challenge or with each other. It is how these conflicts are handled that singles out a good and respected leader from the despot or the control freak authoritarian. 

To be a leader in EDI is be adept at holding oneself to account, learning, humility and the ability to view the world from the perspective of others. This allows you to encourage a diverse and inclusive workplace design where you can see and learn through multiple prisms of thought and ideology.

A Winning Mindset is the first of the seminars that you attend and the only mandatory seminar in the programme. This is where the experience starts, where we inform you of how the programme is run, the content and the time frames involved and what is expected of you.

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