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Say What? (Our FAQ)

EDI is an open topic and should be a must for anyone.

As a product, however, the “EDI Lead It and Live It Experience” is aimed at distinct targets.

The original programme was designed and executed by Polkadot Consultants Ltd for the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield and was devised for PhD students who will enter Industry as the leaders of the future. This was in response to the need for greater EDI practice within STEM as an industry. 

The bespoke design took in 8 initial seminars with a further 8 planned for phase 2. As the programme continues to grow, the eligible partnership guidelines have expanded. 

Currently, the project is available under the following organisational criteria: 

  • Universities
    • PhD Doctoral Centres in STEM
    • Undergraduate Departments in STEM subjects
  • STEM Organisations and Businesses
  • Public Sector Organisations

If you are not within this criteria then please contact us to discover when the programme will be expanding into your field.

EDI Lead It and Live It is a series of bespoke seminars (whichever you choose) that enable organisations to go beyond simplistic notions of how good EDI is practiced and explore the context of why it is vital to success in the modern world.

We will bespoke the programme for you, treating your organisation as an individual entity with specific requirments and challenges.  This is a vital aspect, as each culture is unique and will have differing paths to achieve success.

It can safely be said that any organisation in the modern age will soon to be found wanting if they are thought of in any way as discriminatory, bullying or generally bad to work for.

Being seen as a diverse and inclusive working partner in an environment where everyone is treated equality of opportunity is absolutely vital.

Being part of the programme enables you to show your commitment internally and externally to a fair and equitable working life for all.

The gains are many and this list is not exhaustive:

  • Provide leaders of the future that will be fit for purpose
  • Be seen as an employer of choice
  • Recruit and retain the best
  • Increased cultural capital – one of the good guys
  • A heightened awareness of the positive nature of difference amongst employees
  • This is a tool, to provide best practice and act as an exemplary partner to work with
  • Build internal environments free from bullying, harassment and bias.
Whatever the purpose of your organisation, the instability that a lack of EDI brings is detrimental to project outcomes, bid writing, pitching for business and a host of other economic factors. 

Practising good EDI is the hallmark of modern workplaces, it is also intrinsic to leadership and is a must know, not a nice to know. 

If you don’t practice good EDI then the results can be a little bit off-putting.

  • Your brand will be damaged by adverse publicity (think #metoo, social media and many other calamities)
  • Projects are damaged because good people will leave if they feel excluded (probably the greatest expense)
  • Good people will not want to work with you if you aren’t engaging in good practice (damned to mediocrity that case)
  • Chances for funding, collaboration with others and economic development are hindered by non-engagement
  •  You are likely to spend heavily on legal fees when you get EDI wrong

Currently the product is only available to organisations with more than 30 individuals working in them. 

However, a bespoke option may be an alternative if you are keen to do some EDI work.

Contact us to enquire further.

This is entirely down to you and your organisation and the bespoked nature of the project will afford the kind of flexibility you need. 

Contact us.

This is down to you and your organisation, we design and collaborate on each of our projects so that it matches your need well. The standard steps you will follow are:

  1. Initial scoping meeting
  2. Programme planning and strategy
  3. Tactical planning
  4. Marketing and merchandising internal
  5. Implementation
  6. Validation

No two programme implementations are the same.

It should be noted however that the first module – The Winning Mindset – is mandatory in all cases as it contains information on the programme of seminars and on how we effectively lead ourselves as good practitioners of EDI.

For information on each of the seminars please use the EDI – LEAD IT AND LIVE IT links in the menu bar.

For further details and pricing please contact us.