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Humanity Race

On Your Marks, Get Set...

Welcome to our seminar, a soiree through the historic, cultural and societal phenomena of race and ethnicity in the workplace or “The Humanity Race” as we like to call it.

Race, an age-old concept that has challenged stability and hindered the ability of humankind to live and thrive together. Race in the UK and in many other countries has been and still is centred around the concept of whiteness.

It is as if we live in a white-centric world, which to a great degree we do. Yet as a nation of people, diverse as we are, we have made extraordinary strides in the arena of race relations.  This is not to say that we do not have a long way to go, we do. It is simply to recognise that in the rush that is the “Humanity Race” a lot more affords us kinship than disparity, and that way lies the future.

This seminar will explore this topic as a gateway to a body of thinking, knowledge and discussion that will be a companion in the working life of anyone for many years to come.

In the arena of EDI, this topic has long been on the agenda and the attempts to protect people of any race have been enshrined in legislation since the 1965 Race Relations Act.

However, the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission, in the report “Healing a divided Britain” from December 2018 outline some serious concerns about racial equality that need to be addressed.

The report, if taken in isolation, is comprehensive and highlights worrying statistics that paint a particularly grim picture of race equality in the UK.  To the casual observer, it would at first appear that racism is endemic in our society.

However, on closer examination, the issues raised are multifaceted and simply present us with a Gordian Knot of information that will take years on a societal level to unpick. 

From the historical picture, we can see that race relations across the UK have improved in a phenomenal way, our consideration of some of the occurrences of race hatred, and the more subtle ways in which discrimination occurs will allow us to explore that.

The development of racial diversity in the UK is one of struggle, but also of joy, as barriers have been overcome and the inherent cultural galaxies of a multitude of differing peoples has ensured we don’t live on Turnips, recognise Spaghetti is not grown on trees and enjoy and participate in a host of events that racial insularity and tribalism would have prevented us from doing.

Like all differences displayed across the tableau of humanity, the notion of race has a rich, troubled and chequered history, but despite this, the struggle for equality, diversity and inclusion has had positive outcomes that we can see all around us.

This seminar limits itself to exploring the viewpoint from this country’s perspective, related to the workplace, including the main events that have shaped how those workplaces in the UK have developed, embraced and exploited the concept of race.

As with other protected characteristics, the law is now in place that provides the individual with all they need to take responsibility for personal and social leadership, for each of us to become an influencer.

So why is language so important to issues of race?

How has race been exploited in the workplace and by whom?

What has science done when it comes to race?

Does race exist at all?

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