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Enabling Abling

It's Ability That Matters

Our seminar on the disability facet of the equalities act challenges perceptions and lays the largest share of the burden of responsibility for improvement on those of us who practice ableism consciously or unconsciously.

Through a cultural and historical journey, we will envisage the landscape of our fellow human beings who have been treated in the most inhumane manner in the past and sadly in some cases now.

The modern workplace is going to be an inclusive and diverse place and this will mean challenges in how we operate as organisations and businesses. It means recognising that people are mostly disabled by others through the act of ableism, which relies heavily on stereotypes and myths around people who are different. 

This difference has been seen historically in general physical terms, but in the modern workplace, enormous strides are being made in understanding that firstly, not all disabilities are visible and secondly they can be about neurodiversity as well as physical diversity. 

Much work still remains to be done, and the subject raises interesting questions for leaders of the future such as what is a reasonable adjustment? 

Nevertheless, great opportunities are around the corner, the world of work is changing and for people with a disability, this could be very good news indeed.

But what is changing?

How do these changes impact the modern workplace in the UK?

What would prevent organisations and businesses from utilising best practice in this field and how do we destroy those barriers? 

And what on earth has all this to do with Vincent Van Gogh and Stephen Fry? 


To answer these and many other questions or for more information on how this programme can help you please contact us.