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Sex and Separation

Welcome to our seminar on the historic, cultural and societal notion of Gender/Sex (biological) and its occurrence in the workplace.

Throughout the seminar we will explore this topic as a gateway to a body of thinking, knowledge and discussion that will be a companion in the working life of anyone for many years to come, albeit one that appears to be talked about more and more frequently.

In the arena of EDI, it would be hard to find a protected characteristic that can be so divisive as the one concerning Sex. It’s effects as a phenomenon in the workplace and on leadership will be explored more fully as the programme continues. This is an introduction of sorts and challenges us to examine a dominant narrative, that, for good or bad, holds sway.

Unlike Race, or Sexuality, the notion of Sex and the relationship between the two is divisive because in its broadest terms it does divide us in what is seen as an often diametrically opposed way.

One that recognises the terms “Gender Wars” “Men are from Mars…” etc that have commanded the limelight over the years.  Essentially driving an increasingly oppositional discourse as the climb to achieve egalitarian aims in the workplace, and society, has continued.  

So what are the historical, cultural and social perspective on sex in the workplace and how does that impact on making us good leaders?

Did stone age man really drag women around by the hair?

What does Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms in “Are you being served” have to do with EDI?

Why did World War 2 change the gender landscape forever in the UK?

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