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The EDI – Lead It and Live It Experience

Where the Law Meets Understanding

Welcome to “The EDI Lead It and Live It Experience”™

“Leadership is vital for the future success of everyone, in STEM and elsewhere.
Truly great leadership is only attainable if Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are centralised  in your leadership toolbox.
That is what this project is all about, good leadership and how ED&I practice is the backbone on which that leadership depends.”
This project began life as a collaboration between Polkadot Consultants Ltd and the CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) in Advanced Metallic Systems (AMS).
The CDT, a partnership between two internationally recognised Centres of Excellence in metallic materials at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Part of the CDT vision is providing a stimulating multidisciplinary learning experience to students undertaking a PhD.

“The EDI Lead It & Live It Experience”™ is undertaken as part of the individual students Personal Development Programme across the 4 years of the PhD.

The challenge is to address what is commonly known as the “leaky pipeline” in the STEM fields, that being Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

This website contains information of the programme tailored for use by PhD students as well as an overview of the project as a product available to all.

The “EDI Lead It & Live It Experience”™ offers a bespoke package of learning as a launch pad for Leadership & EDI endeavours for the future champions of industry and business.

No matter what your organisation specialises in, this product can be adapted to suit your needs. 

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What is the “EDI Lead It & Live It Experience”™ all about?

The importance of EDI in the modern workplace should not be underestimated. As we grow socially and understand more about the vitality of equality of opportunity as a workplace tool, reaching for inclusive and diverse representation within STEM is crucial for the future, regardless of which element of the field you are in.

It has been written that in University “six times as many men study engineering and technology at undergraduate level as women, almost double the amount of men study mathematical sciences, and nearly five times as many men study computer science.”

The “EDI Lead It & Live It Experience”™ at CDT Metallurgy focuses on the emerging understanding that somewhere, something is going awry, to wit, why do some people leave STEM and why do their numbers reduce across STEM fields and occupations the higher their educational or organisational attainment gets?

The “EDI Lead It & Live It Experience” ™ offers students, employees and academics the opportunity to engage with the subject in a uniquely quirky way.

Employers have a myriad of tools at their disposal when it comes to explaining the protected characteristics and this often makes up part of the induction undertaken by any new starter.

Due to that, we are not, per se, interested in the law. It provides impetus for the seminars available, we assume in understanding that however, you are already covered.

Just in case, if you want to understand the Equality Act 2010 then here it is.

As we explore avenues of the protected characteristics that the law covers we will do so with a direct link to leadership behaviours through historical, social and cultural artefacts that have brought us as far as we have.

So, if you, your employees or students would like to discover where Mrs Doubtfire fits in, what a Molly House is, how a blackmailers charter changed the UK forever or even why your Pork Roast is a matter of EDI then these are the seminars for you and your people.

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Vision & Ethos

(We) will become seen as exemplars in representing EDI within the field of science, in a manner that eschews tick box exercises, fosters deep knowledge, calls for advocacy and promotes harmony.

The “EDI Lead It & Live It Experience” ™ begins with the understanding that the law has given us all we need to call out discrimination, intolerance and bad practice in organisations.

All that is left is the individual responsibility and leadership we must act out in relation to good EDI. Embedded in this is also the accountability we have as leaders, situational or otherwise, to ourselves and others. A responsibility that we must all take seriously.

EDI is not simply about being equal, likewise diversity is not about have 50% of one and 50% of another and nor is inclusion about giving someone a choice not to take part in an activity which for whatever reason they blatantly cannot take part in.

These simplistic binaries take us no further, and to be true to EDI we must reach for understanding, and we invite you to join us.

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