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A Matter Of Faith

Keeping the Faith

The protected characteristic of religion and belief includes any religion and any religious or philosophical belief. It also includes a lack of any such religion or belief. A religion need not be mainstream or well known to gain protection as a religion. However, it must be identifiable and have a clear structure and belief system.

That second sentence above is important for obvious reasons, and it is not difficult for us to understand that the protected characteristic of religion goes beyond people of faith and also includes people of no faith at all. 

In this seminar, we will consider how faith has influenced workplace environments and working life practices in general. As you will discover, the rich history of faith has had an undeniable impact on not just how we do business, but on how organisations operate within the UK culture. 

The roots of our culture are steeped in an often violent and tumultuous religious context and in discovering the various occurrences and outcomes we can begin to understand how to lead in the modern workplace on this important issue.

The multiplicity of each faith and the multiplicity of faiths, in general, require understanding so they can be contextualised within the workplace environs.

So what culturally religious practices do influence our work lives?

How best do we deal with the media rhetoric around religion and faith?

Why does Henry VIII matter to us today?

How are organisations and businesses embracing faith and religion in positive ways? 

How many of us identify as Jedi?

May the force be with you, contact us to find out more.